Year-end physical inventory count is around the corner and businesses are starting to carry out year-end inventory counts to meet tax requirements and accurate inventory data for financial statements. For most, a complete physical inventory count can be a huge duty. By planning and implementing CertiPro Solutions Automated Inventory Cycle Counts your business can cut the cost, headaches and physical labor and maintain data integrity and accurate inventory. Find out the difference between Physical Counts and Automated Inventory Cycle Counts for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP.

Planning Phase
Split the inventory locations in the warehouse into sections and assign a team of employees to each location consisting of one person to do the count and a second to record the numbers.

Automated Inventory Cycle Count will eliminate this by allowing your team to count automated count sheets throughout the year. By the end of the year, all inventory will be accounted for and you won’t need to setup a planning phase with a team of employees.

Get Started Early
Review inventory and make sure it’s clean and stock is organized by setting damaged and outdated inventory to the side. Keep track of items that don’t move quickly. Meet with employee count teams to assign and review inventory counts and assignment of sections.

Eliminate having to start early by automating your cycle counts. The Inventory Cycle Count automation will allows you to keep normal business functions throughout the year without having to worry about year-end physical count strategies.

Physical Inventory Count
During the physical inventory count make sure the business is closed or shut the doors. That may not be an option so you may need to get the count done during a slow period. The expectation is to keep movement of inventory minimal to maximize accuracy.

With Inventory Cycle Count you don’t need to close the business or shut the doors. Automated Inventory Cycle Counts work year-round, this eliminates the worry of putting the process of receiving and shipping products on hold.

Recount a sample of the inventory in each section to help confirm the accuracy of the inventory counts.

No need to recount, or duplicate the counting process to confirm accuracy. Automated Inventory Cycle Counts are as accurate as you can imagine.

Find out more on how your business can save time, money and eliminate year-end physical counts by implementing Automated Inventory Cycle Counts for Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP.

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