What is ERP?

ERP definition is quite simple it means Enterprise Resource Planning! This is a process in which a company manages and integrates all parts of a business into one central database. It integrates areas of the business such as accounting, planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Sage software is a Small business accounting software that defines – What is ERP
If your company is using an older small business accounting software than Sage Software should be reviewed as it is the true What is ERP definition and solution.
So, what is ERP? And a up to date technology one!
Have you watched the news lately? The economy is not bouncing back like we’d hoped; there are international threats to our country and tons of health risks and disease editorials. The news also touches on local stories of crime and tragedy. I know people who won’t even watch the news because it gets them down. Their day to day lives have enough late breaking news to keep them busy. All of us have challenges we face in our families; health issues, relationships and possibly financial issues. Wit this in mind, why would I go to work and compound my stress by using an aging ERP system? Isn’t life hard enough?
The Aberdeen Group has published a research report (To ERP or not to ERP in the midmarket.) It states, “89% of midmarket companies without ERP indication they cannot track business processes, 86% report inaccurate data, 78% redundant data.” I’m putting an aging ERP in the same bucket as not having one. They have similar issues. The aging ERP systems are on old technology that can’t be deployed in the cloud. They also lack reporting for multiple locations and consolidations. Most of these aging ERP systems make you work outside the ERP like report writing in Excel, using a standalone CRM and other non-integrated systems. This of course adds extra work by double data entry. Headaches! In my role at CertiPro, I’m contacted by companies in this position. They are using old technology and trying to adapt to a changing market landscape with a clunker of an ERP. They have departments in silos and can’t even calculate their profitability on jobs or products. These companies are in danger of falling behind technology to point of not being able to support growth or flexible enough to meet their customers’ changing expectations. Like I said before, isn’t life hard enough?
Instead of having to work late to search for data for thatreport, get off on time and play with your kids. If you could be more efficient at work, maybe you’d have the energy to cook instead of eating out and then feeling badly later because you’re blowing your diet. I’m not saying a new ERP software will cure all of life’s ills, but moving to a modern ERP system can
lesson stress and make you feel better about your job and company.