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Warehouse Automation System for Sage 500 ERP

CertiPro Solutions, LLC has developed a Warehouse Automation Module for Sage 500 (MAS 500) ERP which will provide you with modernized solutions when working on order pulling, packing, and shipping. Our solution will also help in receiving Items into the Warehouse and working with the Inventory Management tools such as Bin Move, Transfer out, and Purchase. With a prompt wireless feed of information between warehouse personnel and the Sage 500 (MAS 500) ERP system your data will be collected well-timed and with more accuracy, especially when using handheld devices.

Warehouse Automation will allow your warehouse to effectively manage one to numerous orders using there handheld devices. Warehouse workers will be able to effortlessly accomplish pulling tasks using one screen. Orders will be inputted into the screen and the pick list will be available and the items that need to be pulled for that order will be listed. Pullers will be directed to the location of the items by showing the Bin Location. At the end of the pulling process the order will then move into the packing department.

Once the order has been entirely picked and it is ready for packing, the order will be scanned by the packer and the packing will begin. The packer will scan in the picked items and input them into packing allowing the Sage 500 system to track the picking and packing process.

Shipping information will be directed to and from Sage 500 ERP. By accessing Edit Shipments you will be able to view shipping transactions and send the proper shipments to your preferred shipping software.

Receiving Items into the Warehouse and Inventory Management such as Bin Move, Transfer out, and Purchase can also be controlled from our Warehouse Automation Module.

See how CertiPro Solutions, LLC can work with your business.

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See how CertiPro Solutions, LLC can work with your business.