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What is eLink

Connectivity to Sage to Enhance the Digital Shopping Experience

Do you want to offer your customers an online portal?

Offer your B2B or B2C Clients important account & sales information by creating a Customer Business Portal using CertiPro Solutions E-Link Tool to connect with Sage Software information. The customer portal app is an online dashboard that customer can log in to view their own data that’s stored in Sage ERP.

Key selling points

Connectivity to Sage to Enhance the Digital Shopping Experience

Streamline and automate – CertiPro eLink Software is a sync tool to connect data between Sage Software and your product website. Give your clients all the info they need in their customer portal with eLink

CertiPro Solutions eLink Portal Feature for Sage ERP

  • Customer Information
  • Addresses
  • Product Details & Pricing
  • Inventory Levels
  • Customer Pricing Levels
  • Order & Order Status
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Quick Order Entry
  • One Step Checkout
  • Integrated Credit Card with Sage Payment Solutions
  • Invoices
  • Online Payments
  • Returns/RMAs

eLink in Action

eLink API follows any business logic you have in Sage


Connect your systems today for better business management!

Build & Customize your Business Portal!

E-Link connects with Sage ERP and allows your company to create a business portal for your customers. Our team can help publish and develop a web based solution that will collaborate different modules from Sage ERP to your portal pages. The portal will give the customer access to information and applications relevant to that user.

Business Portal for Your Customers

Imagine your customers having the capability of viewing important order and account information on your website. They can view up to date information at their convenience eliminating emails, customer support and phone calls. E-Link will integrate Sage ERP Modules with Customer Based information and transmit them to your website.

Sage ERP Process Integration Solutions

As a trusted Sage developer and Sage authorized partner, CertiPro Solution’s has created E-Link, a Web Service API that will diminish Point to Point integrations with Sage ERp while creating seamless connection between Sage ERP and non-integrated business solutions. The lightweight and flexible E-Link Web Service API has the power to drive the most demanding and critical integrations with Sage Software. E-Links Web Service API is scalable which makes it easy to adapt to business application integrations with Sage Software. CertiPro’s E-Link Web Service API will break down integration barriers with Sage Software giving your organization control over their Sage Software and disconnected systems while making business more efficient.

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