Accurate inventory is essential to profitability, however yearly physical inventory counts are time-consuming and costly. Inventory Cycle Count module makes regular inventory updates easy and efficient by automating the process on a daily bases, saving time and money by reducing, and even eliminating the need for actual physical inventory counts.

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Single screen setup
Inventory Cycle Counts (ICC) makes it simple to set up regular counts of items. On one screen, specify what types of items to count, how many times a year the count should be run, and what to include in count card batch reports.  Setup exemption days; schedule how often reports are to be generated

Flexible and powerful
Setup cycle counts for items in multiple warehouses. Easy force counts to reconcile any disputes. Setup automatic recipient emails for receiving batch reports. Improve frequency and accuracy of inventory data with Inventory Cycle Count module. Regularly receive snapshots of inventory; as well as information on turns, aging and ordering.  This will simplify tracking the life cycle of items, identify top sellers and slow-moving items, prevent over- or under-ordering, and adjust product mix for maximum revenue.

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