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Passing data between Sage ERP and Magento
CertiPro Solution’s Sage ERP with Magento Integration has a two way integration which passes data back and forth between Sage ERP and Magento.  There are many questions you need to ask about the integrations in regards to which data should be passed back and forth, but CertiPro’s Sage Mangeto Integration team will be able to walk you through this step.  Considering your budget and what’s actually possible when it comes to passing data between Sage ERP and Magento is important. Here are some of the data you might want to pass and what data our current clients are passing.

  • Customer Information
  • Addresses
  • Product Details & Pricing
  • Inventory Levels
  • Custom Pricing Levels
  • Orders & Order Status
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Quick Order Entry
  • One Step Check Out
  • Integrated Credit Card with Sage Payment Solutions
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Invoices Online Payments
  • Returns/RMA
Understand Sage ERP
It’s important to understand your Sage ERP implementation, as well as how Magento Sage Integration works. CertiPro’s Magento Development team understands how Sage ERP Integration with Magento would store Sage ERP data and manipulate data, which makes it easier for CertiPro Solutions to integrate your Sage ERP system and Magento to its full capabilities. The Sage ERP Platform has a lot of features and those features can be integrated with Magento for your business needs. There for understanding how your Sage ERP works, will help you determine how your Sage Integration with Magento should work.
Understand Your Magento Needs
With that being said, there are many things that need to be considered when integrating your Sage ERP with Magento. First is to understand the order work-flow and product data setup in Magento. CertiPro Solution’s has a team of professionals who understand Magento specifics such as order management process in addition to how products are setup and managed. With our Sage ERP Consultants and Developers we’ve established the first step towards a successful integration between Sage ERP and Magento. This would mean to understand how your product data is or will be organized in Magento. This includes what product types, attributes and anything else about your Magento product data you will need sent into your Sage ERP platform. CertiPro Solutions Sage ERP Consultants and Developers understand and have a feel for how organizations such as yours want to organize your order work-flow. With CertiPro’s Sage Magento Integration Orders can be customized in Magento and have a 2 way communication standard with Sage ERP. You’ll also have to consider if you have 3rd party applications that will also have to connect with Magento. Our team of developers will be able to implement and integrate your system with your requirements. There are many variables to think about for an integration so covering all the bases is the best option. Things to consider:

  • Magento version, community versus enterprise etc
  • Product Types (grouped, bundled, simple, configurable etc)
  • Attributes & Attribute Sets
  • Orders, Credit memos, shipping, RMA
  • Magento Caching system
  • API capabilities of Magento and Sage ERP

Magento Integration

Imagine being able to increase your efficiency and productivity by only updating information in one system instead of individually entering the information into each system. When you find a way to utilize the full potential of your Sage 500 ERP, the possibilities for your business are endless. With the innovative CertiPro/Magento Integration, you can fully integrate your Magento store with Sage 500 ERP to instantly update information in all systems at the same time. When you can manage all aspects of your store with just one operation, you can focus more on other aspects of your business, thus increasing your sales and levels of customer service.

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Sage ERP and Magento Integration

When it comes to constructing an e-Commerce site that delivers results, you want a platform that can leverage your business and a solutions provider that can help grow your business. CertiPro Solution’s Sage Magento Integration has given them the fluency to implement solutions that deliver and designs that sell.

The Sage integration professionals at CertiPro Solutions offer a Magneto Integration that diminishes the cost and disturbance of re-keying transactions, reconciling inventory balances, and updating both systems manually.


Streamline your business by integrating your e-Commerce Platform and Sage ERP System. Contact CertiPro Solutions Today!