Advanced Distribution Suite

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The CertiPro Advanced Distribution Suite Enhancement was created with the Sage ERP user in mind. Our clients didn’t have an efficient way of automating their yearly inventory cycle counts, lacked visibility to promise products and had warehouse staff waiting for pick tickets. CertiPro is a Certified Sage Development Partner with a team of dedicated programming professionals. Our team developed enhancements that are aimed to make the Sage ERP user experience easier and save them time and money. Please contact your Sage Partner to learn more.

  • MULTI WAREHOUSE Setup cycle counts for items in multiple warehouses
  • FORCE COUNTS Easy force counts to reconcile disputes
  • REPORTINGSetup automatic recipient emails for receiving batch reports.
  • ACCURACY Improve frequency and accuracy of inventory data
  • TRUE VISIBILITY  Gain true visibility in your order entry process by seeing stock availability by date
  • TARGET DATES See what’s on PO, SO, WO and on-hand by date to make an accurate Capable to Promise
  • EASY ACCESSIBILITY!Search and print Pick Lists using either Pick List Number or Sales Order Number.
  • ROBUST ORDER PROCESSING Get rid of manual order processing and increase the number of daily orders.


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