Leveraging information is important when achieving competitive advantage. Businesses must make daily decisions that affect the performance of their companies, as well as the performance of their business partners and customers.  E-Business applications are rising and businesses are starting to utilize business intelligence tools to deliver information to its users.
Companies are and have been heavily invested in Sage ERP which helps them maintain their business. Alongside Sage ERP companies have invested in the creation and deployment of data warehouses. These systems are all based on diverse technology platforms containing relational and OLAP databases based on mainframe, Unix and Windows platforms. To access and share information, users have adopted a wide range of business intelligence tools for enterprise reporting, OLAP, and ad-hoc query – as well as desktop tools like Word and Excel.
The ultimate goal for companies is to create a “document-centric” view of their enterprise information. This would allow users to securely search, access, analyze, publish and subscribe to virtually any information from any source located anywhere in the enterprise.  However, companies are failing to easily integrate all their “islands” of information. CertiPro Solutions E-Link will take on “The Challenge” and offer these companies “Solutions”.
The challenge:
Creating an Enterprise Information Portal for your customers so they can place orders, view orders and account information. (Read here for E-Link Solution).
The current approach is offering customers information using the application centric method. This method doesn’t ensure that all customer data and requested information will be accurately delivered. Also, the user standpoint, they are often forced to use one tool to view relational data and a different tool to view multidimensional data. For the companies this will result in higher costs, inconsistent answers, and user frustration from the incompatibilities. This solution often lacks data integrity and is difficult to deploy and maintain.
What companies need is a way to provide business users with a single, web-based portal that provides personalized information that will allow them to make purchasing decisions, make online payments and review account and sales information, similar to the popular online portals like Amazon and eBay.  E-Link is designed to allow companies to ease into an enterprise or business portal by being well designed, time and cost efficient.
The solution:
Business or Enterprise Portals
It is worth examining solution options in greater detail to better understand the approach and developing philosophy of Online Business Portals. E-Link is a web-based two way communication API that provides customers with access to vital business information and is integrated with Sage ERP.  E-Link connects with Sage 100 and allows your company to create a business portal for your customers. Our team can help publish and develop a web based solution that will collaborate different modules from Sage 100 to your portal pages. The portal will give the customer access to information and applications relevant to that user.
For greater flexibility, CertiPro Solutions E-Link is based on an open Application Programming Interface (API) and lets customers extend their enterprise portal as their needs change or grow.
E-Link is broken down into a number of modules and parts which offers customers with a 360 degree view of information access and analysis, such as:

  • Customer Information
  • Addresses
  • Product Details & Pricing
  • Inventory Levels
  • Custom Pricing Levels
  • Orders & Order Status
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Quick Order Entry
  • One Step Check Out
  • Integrated Credit Card with Sage Payment Solutions
  • Shipping & Tracking
  • Invoices Online Payments Returns/RMA

CertiPro Solutions has traditionally been a company that provides Sage ERP customers with Enhancements, Development and Support.  Most recently CertiPro Solutions has extended their providing into business or enterprise portal market for Sage ERP. The growing popularity of business portals is based on one simple idea, that the website of the future won’t be a mixture of bespoke or expensive custom solutions that require a great deal of time and financial investment to roll-out. The web is moving far too quickly for this, and the upshot is a single website that is an umbrella website that will encompass Internet, intranet or extranet.
See a demo of E-Link by clicking here!