Sage eCommerce and Customer Data

Did you Know?
We all know that knowledge is power.  Understanding the wants and needs of your customers is often the key to success for your eCommerce website. Billions of dollars are constantly spent on market research to better understand consumer activity. It is not easy to gather this data, but when implementing a Sage eCommerce integration using Magento, you’ll be able to collect customer data that is critical to the success for your business.
Customer Data and Enhancing the Experience
When collecting customer data using Sage eCommerce solutions, you’ll be able to enhance your customer’s experience which will make your customers more satisfied with your service. This satisfaction will ultimately increase the company’s revenue.
Who does this Benefit?
The benefit is realized by both you and your customer. It will give your business the capability to provide a more personalized experience while allowing your marketing and sales team to understand the demographics and interests of your prospects and customers. This can also allow companies to take advantage of marketing campaigns using the customer data that comes from their website.

Sage Ecommerce Integration using Magento and E-Link

When using an Sage eCommerce integration with your Sage ERP system, you’re allowing your business to start collecting customer data. How does an eCommerce business collect this data? Well, there are many ways your online store can do this, and it is important to understand how.
Before implementing an eCommerce website, our customers were collecting data by offering incentives to their customers that would share their data using surveys and questionnaires. However, post-implementation of a Sage integrated Magento eCommerce website, they can now gather data through website analytics and social media marketing. A big difference.  They now have actionable metrics.
What kind of customer data?
Every successful eCommerce business can gather and use website analytics through Magento, Google Web Analytics and Social Media to measure how well their site is performing. What exactly is this customer data? Sage Magento eCommerce integration will allow your Sage ERP customer to capture how many visitors their website is getting, how long they are staying on the site, and where exactly they are losing business.
Also, having an integrated eCommerce website can allow you dig deep with powerful metrics such as demographics, ease of use, number of transactions per hour.
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