Your Sage 100 ERP solution automates or streamlines many business processes for your back office. Everything from supply chain logistics to accounting may depend on your ERP, so it’s important to keep it in good working order. Downtime costs a fortune when it comes to your ERP, with DevOps reporting up to $2.5 billion in losses annually due to application-related downtime. You may have an Sage 100 Support contract to handle disaster recovery, support and maintenance.
VAR  Support Contracts
Many ERP Consultants provide service level agreements (SLAs) detailing how they handle Sage 100 Support and maintenance on their end. In some cases, this SLA is built into the ERP cost. Other Sage consultants may choose to offer the support package separately from the ERP product, increasing your total cost of ownership. With CertiPro Solutions you’ll get full time access to Sage 100 Support saving your company time and money.
Examine your SLA and determine whether the coverage is sufficient if an ERP failure or outage occurs, how much you’re paying in additional support fees and whether all necessary services are included in your SLA. You may be responsible for paying extra fees for other services, and you don’t want to find that out in the middle of an ERP failure.
CertiPro Solutions offers Sage 100 Support and can help your company examine any support of software issues.
Third-Party Sage 100 Support
CertiPro Solutions Sage 100 Support and Maintenance service works with many clients. Our team of consultants gives you personal attention. You are a name instead of a number, allowing CertiPro Solutions Sage 100 Support team to establish a closer working relationship with the company.  Our team has broad knowledge about potential ERP problems.
Your Sage 100 ERP Solutions forms the backbone of your entire office. Making sure you have proper support and maintenance options will help your company avoid productivity and revenue destroying application downtime.  Vendor direct, third-party and in-house Sage 100 Support all have their pros and cons, depending on your business infrastructure and requirements. No matter which option you choose, carefully look over the services promised and the impact the price has on your total cost of ownership.