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In the past few years we’ve seen a big shift in customer support as more and more companies offer self-service customer support through online portals. Although some might believe that a reduction in customer phone calls might seem like it benefits companies the most, a study from Amdocs suggests that today’s customers prefer an online self-service approach.
The study was conducted by surveying 2,900 users in which 75% of the users preferred to use online support and 40% said they only contact a call center after they can’t find the answer they’re looking for online via self-service customer service options.
The catch? People are largely only interested in online self-support if it’s well managed well, reliable, and accurate.
So, what does this mean for your business? Customers want and often prefer online self-service options to get help and answers. Providing your customer with a great self-service option is just one of the reasons that businesses create online customer portals. While the reasons that your customers may use your online portal will vary based on the specific type of interactions they have with your company, there are a few standard drivers behind customer portal strategies.

Here are the top 3 reasons why companies are using CertiPro Solutions E-Link Customer Portal Solution:


Reason #1) Online Customer Portals Provide a Self-Service Option and Lower Support Costs

Online customer portals help manage transactional data, like address changes and personal profile information, to reduce the cost of having a customer service representative manually change this information in Sage 100. Also, information such as purchase records, order history and bill payments will reflect from Sage 100 to your web portal.

Reason #2) Online Customer Portals Provide A Place to Centralize Information and Tools

Your online customer portal can centralize information from Sage 100 so that customers will always know where to find what they need and can access the necessary tools to solve problems as they arise. It makes for a much better experience for customers when they don’t have to sign in multiple places or call customer support.
By combining all of their needs into a single customer portal, you may see an increase in ongoing customer engagement and satisfaction by improving their customer experience.

Reason #3) Online Customer Portals Provide Scalable Customer Relationship Management

An online customer portal enables you to manage customer relationships in a more scalable way, even as you get more customers.
By keeping track of your relationships more efficiently and enabling customers to benefit from the knowledge of your community, you can provide better service and keep your existing customers happy.

Elements of an Effective Online Customer Portal

An effective online customer portal stems from developing and managing the integration between Sage 100 and your client portal. As the “catch” of the Amdocs study told us, providing an online customer portal is not enough. With CertiPro Solutions E-Link Business Portal Solution you can motivate your customers to user your online portal by allowing them to make a difference in their success with your products or services.

Online Customer Portal Takeaway

Having an effective web-based customer or client portal solution that integrates with Sage 100 not only helps decrease support costs, but it gives your customers much-needed access to important information. Since we are now in the “I can google that” era, an online customer portal helps your company control the flow and availability of information and the access your customer has. It’s not always about cutting costs, but in order to motivate your customers to utilize your portal, you need to make it a worthwhile platform for both them and your organization.
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