Road Ahead:Sage 500

Linda Cade- @lindacade1

Slide showing where investment goes.

No longer retiring or setting an end of life date for Sage 500.

Sage 500 initially will NOT drop the ERP. Stated reason is that 100 and 300 dropped in anticipation of subscription. No plans for 500 ERP to go the subscription route (imagine this also means the 100c and 300c modernization).  At some point it is anticipated that the ERP drops but not happening now for above reasons and additional effort required.

Usability and intelligence investment.

2016 investments

Sage is committed to supporting Sage 500 customers for as long as you want to use this product. Use it until he wheels fall off and we will continue to support you.

Freshen what you own

Rewrote inventory merge in 2016 release (must have been problematic).

Add better customer pop up notes

Better way to get data out of Sage 100.  New version of Sage Intelligence in 2016.

(^^ A few cheers from the audience)

Web based Sage Intelligence – improved template capabilities.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence Enhancements

Nee Sage 500 2016

Statement on Sage 500 or