As we are heading into the 4th of July weekend and celebrating our Independence from Great Britain, I realized that we are past the half-way point of 2014.  Maybe you’re like me and work for a different company than you did in January with its set of goals; I’ve had to adjust my professional goals due to my new position.  In most cases we’ve all had to deal with some changes since January that could have caused us to lose sight of our goals, or change them.  Goals can be personal, like weight loss, family goals, or professional goals.  Keeping up with goals is hard when you lose focus of them in the middle of the game.  Other smaller less important goals can sprout and overtake the most important ones.  Here are 3 ways to seize control again and get back on course

Step back

Evaluating the past 7 months is a good place to start.  Look at the whole picture and don’t allow perfectionism to ruin your mindset.  Look back at your successes and build on them.   Look back (sometimes painfully) at your mistakes and not only learn from them, but develop strategic plans to avoid them again.  Stepping back is taking the blinders off and seeing the last 7 months for what they were, the good, the bad and the awesome.

Step In

In order to fulfill your goals, you must stop living in the mistakes of the past.  Fear so easily grips us when we fail and sets us on a course of apprehension and loss of confidence.  Stepping in is being ok with your current state and deciding to enter into the new part of your year with boldness and a positive, winning attitude.

Surge Forward

 Once you’ve Stepped Back and Stepped In, you need to Surge forward with great velocity and focus.  The end of the year will be here before we know it, so do everything you can to finish strong.  You may need to change eating/exercise habits or maybe remove obstacles that are getting in the way of your goals.  The surge forward stage is saying “I’m all in and nothing is going to sidetrack me!”  Our founding fathers are great examples. The Founding Fathers were a revolutionary group, diverse in their professions and yet completely dedicated to their goal: American liberty.  They didn’t back down when times became difficult, they dug in deeper and now we celebrate their goal achievement! Freedom!

I hope these 3 steps will help you to end 2014 proudly and with no regrets.  As a word of encouragement, please understand that it is never too late to pursue goals and the vision you have for your life.  Press On!

Happy Independence Day!  

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