We are proud to announce that Certipro Solutions is officially a Magento Technology Partner. It has been 6 years that Certipro Solutions has developed, supported, and offered the industry seamless integration solutions between Sage Software and the Magento platform.
Our Journey
Businesses needed an online presence that would meet the needs of their consumers to easily access information while enhancing the overall user experience. This need was the main focus and trigger point that lead our team to develop integrations between Sage and Magento. Back in 2012 one of our clients had shown interest in a Magento website integration with Sage and ever since we took on the challenge, we have been helping the Sage Software community grow their business and take advantage of a B2B / B2C eCommerce Integration. During this time we have grown our consulting and development team into Magento experts. Today, we’re still working with Sage Customers daily and implementing Magento Integrations. By being a Sage Partner and an Authorized Sage Developer we have been able to help our customers grow and create an online presence for their business.
Our Goal
Our goal is to continuously support our customers and help them grow. By providing Magento solutions we are able to offer our clients effective, fast, and cost-efficient solutions. Sage Software customers were missing out on the eCommerce business trend because of the lack of integration. Ever since we started our Magento projects we’ve helped integrate many companies using Sage Software to a streamlined shopping cart with automation. It all starts by putting our customers ahead of everything else.
Our Formula
Our secret to a successful implementation is quite simple! We break our team down into 3 different parts so each team can focus on their strengths. We have a Sage Development Team, Magento Development Team, and a Project Manager. Crafting our project in this way creates a more robust implementation by allowing each person to work as experts on their craft. Also, this process allows for our customers and their staff to focus on the day to day of their business without worrying about learning or understanding Magento.
Our Success
We had a vision to deploy software solutions for Sage that would help businesses that use Sage to streamline and flourish. We have been able to achieve this by working with Magento as a result of our vast understanding of Sage Software, but most of all because of our clients trust in us to provide these solutions. Magento has accepted and acknowledged our proficiency in Magento along with our product offerings by naming CertiPro Solutions a Magento Technology Partner. We will endlessly work on innovating, growing, and developing forward to move business solutions for Magento eCommerce and Sage Software customers.