Magento Open Source

The perfect start for eCommerce begins here

Magento Open Source (previously known as Magento Community) is an ideal platform to serve as a starting point for small to mid sized e-commerce businesses. Enjoy excellent functionalities like:

  • Integrated Checkout, Payment, and Shipping
  • Mobile Optimized Shopping
  • Global Selling
  • Catalog Management
  • Extended Functionality via App Marketplace
  • Instant Purchase
  • Site Search

While you can achieve much of the same functionality on Magento Open Source as you can on Magento Commerce, you will often need to install additional extensions and perhaps have some custom development. This is where CertiPro Solutions comes into the picture to help you meet your requirements. Our team of experts from designers to developers and integrations specialist are highly skilled in Magento UI and Integrations.

It is important to consider what functionality you will need during the planning phase of your site. Speak to one of our Magento Commerce Platform experts to find out what’s right for you today!