Written by Eddie Diaz

Planning Year-End Physical Inventory Counts?

The inventory count process is considered one of the most time consuming processes in the Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP Solutions. CertiPro Solutions is a Sage Development Partner who has created an enhancement for Sage 100 and Sage 500 Automating Inventory Cycle Counts spreading out the counts throughout the year vs. to just a few times a year. This Enhancement will distribute the time needed for the inventory count process. 

Is this your process? 
One day a year, a group of your employees go to the warehouse and count (quantity, weight, etc.) and record every item (goods, materials, supplies, etc.) there.
It takes:
*Planning and preparation
*Execution- searching, counting, comparing data
* Analysis of results
* Possibly stopping shipping and receiving
* Possible overtime pay
The Automated Inventory Cycle Count (AICC) Module will eliminate businesses performing the tedious task all at one time. Every working day, the AICC will generate a count sheet and send an email to employees who do the counting. The generation of these count sheets will be based on predefined schedules set by the user for each inventory item in the AICC Planner program. In this program, each inventory item can be assigned a cycle count (for example, 4 times a year). The program will then generate the count sheets to determine which items should be counted each day in order to distribute and complete the number of cycle counts throughout the year.
Counting daily will 

  1. Increase inventory accuracy. An inaccurate inventory can cause out of stock items, which result in late deliveries to customers and the potential loss of business.
  2. Help catch Inventory discrepancies sooner
  3. Focus on fast moving items, or costly items, count by inventory ranking.

Want to learn more, click on the link for a recorded demo-
Written by Eddie Diaz