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There was a worldwide study of 270 enterprises, across multiple manufacturing sectors (automotive, high tech, and CPG) covering eight countries, on behalf of OpenText, a global provider of enterprise information management solutions and services. The objective of the study was to understand the role B2B technologies can play in today’s manufacturing organizations and to evaluate the impact on their supply chain processes.
The key findings of this white paper are highlighted here: Today’s challenging marketplace is exposing the limits of many manufacturers’ supply chain practices, which fail to properly address market demand variability and the need for more agile business operations. In particular, manufacturers are realizing these issues will only worsen going forward and they are ready to launch transformational initiatives in their supply chain strategies. As manufacturers strive to develop globally optimized supply chains that are more reliable, responsive, and agile, they are aware that real-time data exchange with trading partners can only increase in volume.  Despite the growing need for information exchange, only less than 50% of companies can be defined as “high adopters” of electronic information exchange processes. However, survey results show that a number of best-in-class organizations are taking B2B to a new level as the key integration tool supporting value-chain collaboration. This entails adopting a more dynamic process that is collaborative, in real-time, and based on modern technologies such as cloud, mobility, Big Data analytics, and the Internet of Things.  Our research demonstrates that this can bring real benefits to manufacturers; an analysis of supply chain metrics shows that evolving the B2B process significantly impacts business performance, regardless of the industry. In particular, metrics such as customer order delivery time, perfect order, inventory turnover, time to market, new product launch failures, cash-to-cash cycle, days of sales outstanding, and invoice processing time are all positively impacted by a more mature approach to B2B that entails more collaborative processes supported by modern technology.
Is your business agile?  Are your customers asking you for more modern ways to connect with you?  The article states, “only less than 50% of companies can be defined as “high adopters”
There is obviously lots of room for improvement.  The company that is more collaborative and uses modern technologies to meet the challenges of a complicated Supply Chain, keeps and wins more customers.
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