Benefits of ERP and e-Commerce
Do you have a successful e-commerce storefront integrated with an ERP System? Often business owners have discounted eCommerce and ERP system creating silos of information which results in missing out on the benefits of an integrated system. CertiPro Solutions offers business owners the opportunity to have a seamless integration between Sage 100 ERP and e-commerce. This will allow your business to send and receive data automatically between your ERP System and ecommerce web store providing you with many benefits.
Here are some key benefits that you will have with an Integrated ERP system with your e-commerce store.

  1. Increase Self-Service Functionality
  2. Reduce your Inventory Cost by having updated sales information
  3. Generate Financial Reports in ERP, based on Web Transactions
  4. Increased Internal Productivity
  5. Reduced Human Involvement, Data Redundancy and Error
  6. Increase Customer Satisfaction
  7. Better Control of your Business

Contact CertiPro Solutions to find out how your Business can become integrated with an ERP and e-Commerce System.