Using Sage 100 without web store connectivity is like buying a pizza and eating only one slice.  The pizza tastes good, but most people are not satisfied with just one piece.  Sage 100 customers don’t always know that an integration exists, therefore not getting the full benefits out of their Sage 100 and remaining hungry only eating one slice.  Companies have economic drivers that require them to do more with less staff, lower margins and have systems in place that work for you and not against.   Here are some benefits of this type of integration.

  • sales orders are entered directly into your Sage 100 accounting system
  • inventory in your Sage 100 and web store are in sync and accurate
  • order fulfillment is easier – both systems know about the order and with good integration know the status of the order (which vendor it’s being fulfilled with, shipping information, tracking numbers, etc)

We have built a seamless integration between Sage 100 and Magento, don’t hire someone to build one, we have already done the work!
CertiPro’s Sage Magento Integration will Populate Customers, Products, Pricing, Discounts, Categories and any other related information available in Sage 100 to your Magento web store for Order Creation. It moves your ERP data seamlessly to Magento using our CertiPro E-Link Tool that moves data in and out of the Sage 100 system
CertiPro’s Sage Magento integration is a ready-made enhancement that is easy to implement and user friendly. It eliminates double data entry and stops human error of having to rekey orders into Sage 100.  Streamline your internal order entry processing for web orders.

Contact us for a live demo.  Solve and save with CertiPro!