Automated Inventory Cycle Count

Cut costs and save money by eliminating year-end sage physical counts.


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What is Automated Inventory Cycle Count

Automating Cycle Counts will ensure Accurate Inventory Levels Daily!

Accurate inventory is essential to profitability, however yearly physical inventory counts are time-consuming and costly. Inventory Cycle Count module makes regular inventory updates easy and efficient by automating the process on a daily bases, saving time and money by reducing, and even eliminating the need for actual physical inventory counts. For Sage 100 & Sage 500 ERP

  • Automate & simplify Inventory Counts
  • Increase & Maintain High Levels of accuracy
  • Eliminate need for physical inventory expenses
  • Better organized with a clearly defined logic to your inventory processes
  • Eliminate the need of closing business for inventory counts and paying employees overtime
  • More time to focus on what really matters
  • CPS Inventory Cycle Count history is an explorer that will show your items with discrepancies and items counted that are accurate
  • Scanner will auto feed back into Sage
    Details & Pricing
  • Software management tool

Automated Inventory Cycle Count Does So much!

Set the time that you want to have your cycle counts

Manage Inventory counts for multiple warehouses

Configure email notifications and other preferences

Generate spreadsheets for your team to know exactly what they need to count.

Add Value to your Business

Planning Phase

Automated Inventory Cycle Count will eliminate this by allowing your team to count automated count sheets throughout the year. By the end of the year, all inventory will be accounted for and you won’t need to setup a planning phase with a team of employees.

Physical Count

With Inventory Cycle Count you don’t need to close the business or shut the doors. Automated Inventory Cycle Counts work year-round, this eliminates the worry of putting the process of receiving and shipping products on hold.

Getting Started

Eliminate having to start early by automating your cycle counts. The Inventory Cycle Count automation will allows you to keep normal business functions throughout the year without having to worry about year-end physical count strategies.

Follow Up

No need to recount, or duplicate the counting process to confirm accuracy. Automated Inventory Cycle Counts are as accurate as you can imagine.

Get Started

Automated Cycle Counts Save Money, Eliminate Costs, Accurate Inventory
Maximize your operations, insight and competitive advantage to stay ahead of the pack.


Email Alerts

Find Discrepancies

Inventory Security

Track Product Life Cycle

Inventory Audit Report

Multi-Bin Support


“We just about cut our cycle count time in half compared to our old manual spreadsheet method,” says Melissa. “But more importantly, we’ve been able to maintain 98% inventory accuracy. That alone saved us about $80,000 because we did NOT need to shut down production for the typical year‐end physical count in 2014.”