eCommerce Trends with Sage Software

Using Sage Software for your online business or shopping cart you will be able to implement and maintain your ecommerce website and will be able to follow the new ecommerce trends. CertiPro helps its Sage 100 and Sage Software customers accomplish the 5 ecommerce trends by defining what is ERP and the e commerce definition by implementing our Sage Software ERP System integration with Magento websites.

1. eCommerce Personalization

Custom tailor your ecommerce shopping cart by using composed data from website analytics. ERP System customers like to see discounts, suggested products, alongside a personal touch.  Magento is in the top 10 for being the best ecommerce platform. Magento Analytics will provide you with:

  • What customers tend to buy?
  • How much they spend per transaction?
  • Are they visiting your eCommerce website often?
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart information
  • And countless other piece of information relative to your Sage Software.

Personalize the customers experience is an eCommerce trend that will provide your consumers with the experience they’re looking for.

2. Behavioral Targeting:

Customer data helps understand your customers better by providing key information. Key information like the products your customers like and why they abandon their shopping carts. You can find out what times, days, or months your website sees the most customers. Behavioral targeting Is a eCommerce trend known to maximize conversions with success. This eCommerce trend will allow you to send tailored emails with discount coupons to shoppers on their birthdays.

3. Customer Satisfaction:

With our Sage Software and Magento shopping cart integration we found that 68% of visitor tend to leave websites because they are not happy with the customer service being offered. Customer Data is used for your online business to synchronize multiples communication channels like emails, phone calls and live chats. Customer satisfaction is important in all forms of business.

4. Dynamic Pricing:

With customer data your online business can gauge for spending patterns and on-site behavior. Dynamic pricing is an eCommerce trend that will allow you to assign activity to customers. This is how pricing will be varied, enticing them back to the site. Dynamic discounts are very powerful and with customer data and dynamic pricing ecommerce trends your shopping cart will execute dynamically and effectively

5. End-To-End Analytics

Sage Software and ERP System integration with an ecommerce shopping cart is a highly growing eCommerce trend. You can use an integrated ERP system and ecommerce to see how your entire business doing by building reports for stocking, shipping, inventory and sales. eCommerce trends are starting to develop into ERP system integrations to give you the birds eye view that you can use to forecast future cash flows, gross merchandise sales, customer acquisition rates and other parameter critical to the success of your online business.

eCommerce trends and Sage Software Solution?

CertiPros e-Link Sage software add on enables Sage 100 and Sage ERP users with an online shopping cart for their online business using the best ecommerce platform such as Magento. Make sure to contact CertiPro view our demo by clicking here.