August 14, 2015

Benefits to integrating your Sage 100 to your Magento B2B/B2C web store

Sage 100 Magento B2B/B2C
Using Sage 100 without web store connectivity is like buying a pizza and eating only one slice.  The pizza tastes good, but most people are not satisfied with just one piece.  Sage 100 customers don’t always know that an integration exists, therefore not getting the full benefits out of their Sage 100 and remaining hungry
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August 10, 2015

Road Ahead: Sage 500 MAS 500

Sage 500
Road Ahead:Sage 500 Linda Cade- @lindacade1 Slide showing where investment goes. No longer retiring or setting an end of life date for Sage 500. Sage 500 initially will NOT drop the ERP. Stated reason is that 100 and 300 dropped in anticipation of subscription. No plans for 500 ERP to go the subscription route (imagine